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Colon ozone irrigation

Colon-IrrigationColon Ozone Irrigation

Colon cleansing benefits: clears colon blockage, bloating. Induce proper blood clotting, stimulates production white blood cells, oxygenate and purifies blood from toxins, bacteria, viruses and yeast infection. Helps prevent gallstone production.

Ozone colonic colon cleansing assists in the breakdown of cholesterol cleans the colon of yeast infection, toxins and parasites, stops infection and inflammation and helps the liver produce more bile to aid the absorption of lipids and nutrients.

Some symptoms relieved by colon cleansing are: coated tongue, colon cancer, constipation, backache, bad breath, bloating, fatigue, bad gas, headaches, indigestion, loss of concentration, lung congestion, sinus congestion, skin problems, and symptoms of yeast infection.

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