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Many people are now becoming aware of the vital importance of a healthy digestive system for achieving a truly healthy lifestyle. The more we learn about pollutants in the environment and additives in our food and drink, the more concerned we are to find ways of reducing our intake of undesirable chemicals and make better choices for better health.

However, not all toxins are ingested-some may be produced internally through fermentation processes within the intestinal system. Anything less than 2-3 bowel motions per day, if you eat 2-3 times a day, will contribute to retention and build-up of harmful toxins within the body.

If we have irregular bowel movements or experience difficulties with waste elimination from the body, the re-absorption of toxins in the intestine may begin. This may lead to slow poisoning of the system and the onset of a host of problems, vitality loss or serious disease.

Inadvertent neglect through the years of irregular bowel movements can cause the colon to become impacted with waste material. The bowel residues which may be decaying in close proximity to our living cells allow harmful bacteria to proliferate and produce even more toxic material.

Some people may have to overcome fear of embarrassment or misconceptions about anything to do with cleaning out the bowel. If we replace these fears with knowledge of the importance of bowel health we can add this to our list of options for achieving optimal nutrition, health of the immune system and the vitality to enjoy life.

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